Uncommon Commonality 

A project exploring and developing a new visual language in order to express the web beyond the preset understanding of net art to discover new possibilities to reveal and visualize digital infrastructure that shapes our understanding of the contemporary world.

In the graphic design community, representation of the digital world is saturated with the use of visual tropes originating from interface elements and electronic components such as bitmap and 8-bit pixel art. The abundance of default representations of the web as formal elements used to garnish design work, desensitizes viewers to its ‘place’ of origin. In this detachment, a new significance appears.

In cyberplace, I take on the role of a designer, mapping out and polishing digital landscapes. In this section, I am a narrator giving information about each landscape I created by revealing its internal structures. The on-screen interfaces give a place a contemporary complexity which represents the digital culture where interactions happen from every point across an artboard.