Hale’s Blue Boy
Package label redesign proposal for Hale’s Blue Boy, a market leader of syrup in Thailand. Currently, the syrup is available only in Asian supermarket in the US. To officially enter the American syrup market, Hale’s Blue Boy aims to create more sale and visibility.

Original Hale’s Blue Boy label contains too less information in English, which makes it unappealing to customers who cannot read Thai. The decision to eliminate unnecessary information is Thai makes the label appeal more modern and give the syrup potential for other international markets.

Syrups in the current market mostly have similar label style: simple and plain to set a contrast from colorful syrup color. Graphic and monotone illustrations are chosen as final design to give the brand an identity which stands out from other syrup bottles on the shelf. Using faces to represent boys not only implies the name of the brand itself, Hale’s Blue Boy, but also are attracting to the eyes. Simple, yet, fun graphic illustrations appeal to both kids and older customer groups.